Walldesign is a creative studio that focuses on the graphic identity of interiors. It is mainly used in commercial and public spaces, but also overlaps into residential space. The basis of the work is an application of graphic design into the architecture of interior. There walldesign can become a central theme, support its particular elements or change the tone and character of the entire interior as such. Walldesign thus becomes a powerful tool of the modern interior design and for achieving the original atmosphere of the space.


Walldesign is primarily understood as an instrument to support architecture of space using a customized graphic concept that is influenced not only by the space itself but also by the philosophy and character of its user. The goal is to achieve an unique and original atmosphere of the interior.

Walldesign does not necessarily have to be limited to the application of graphic motifs on walls or ceilings, but the graphic concept can also be used for other interior accessories (such as design of furniture, lights, floor, etc.) or as the basis of a complex solution of the entire interior created from scratch.


Walldesign of many faces

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Walldesign is

a powerful tool for interior design