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Dunaj Palace

Complex visual identity of the real estate project in the heart of Prague

Basic creative idea and marketing strategy

01  About the project

Palac Dunaj is an ambitious development project in the very heart of Prague - on Národní třída. It is a sprawling 6-storey building built in 1930 in the constructivist style, which is now undergoing a complete but sensitive renovation undertaken by architects from the globally active office Chapman Taylor.  


Upon completion, Dunaj Palace will offer exclusive office and business space with a total area of 8,800 m2.  

02  The objective

In close cooperation with the marketing agencyMullenlow Prague, which the developer entrusted with coordinating the entire project, we created a creative strategy for marketing and visual communication.  The main goal was to increase awareness of this project among interested parties as well as the general public and to build the image of the Palác Dunaj brand as an exclusive location for the company's headquarters. This will increase the interest of potential tenants and, in the long term, the value of the entire project.


03  The creative idea

Just as during the reconstruction, the idea is to preserve the genia loci and at the same time to make maximum use of modern technologies, the basic idea of the entire creative concept is to compare the time of the building's creation with the present.  This idea is underlined by the basic motto: Contemporary office space with the Zeitgeist of the 1920's.



04  The execution

It was an effort for the graphic style to be based on the 20th let of the 20th century. For example, the logo was created by reconstructing the original inscription on the facade of the building, the image of which was found in contemporary plans.

Another important approach, used mainly in the creation of the promotional video and the photography of the campaign image, was a direct visual confrontation between the contemporary and historicist worlds.   Inside the building, the creative concept manifested itself from the proposal to use the paternoster as a unique moving art gallery to the designs of original graphic elements in the interior. The concept significantly influenced interior design.


An important part was the provision of support activity of a real estate agency - from graphic materials to designs for unique events.

A basic set of materials
created for this project

Visual identity - printed and on-line marketing materials



Visualisation - exterior

Visualisation - interior

Photo stories - image campaign

Graphic design in the interior

Promo video

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